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The ISEBOX Support and Feedback center is where you will find answers to just about every ISEBOX feature and functionality, as well as be able to submit questions directly to our ISEBOX Support team.

Knowledge Base

  1. 1. Getting Started 

    1. ISEBOX Quick Start Guide
    2. How To Add A User, Users, Login, Account
    3. Project Ordering
    4. Secure URL's and Sharing
    5. Share via E-Mail
  2. 2. Projects & ISEBOX Setup 

    1. Project Setup Tutorial
    2. Creating an ISEBOX Content Page
    3. Password Protecting and Other Options
    4. Title Formatting
    5. SuperSearch - Search Setup and Documentation
  3. 3. Media Management 

    1. How to use Widgets to make your release really shine
    2. Audio as Featured Content
    3. Embed video from ISEBOX
    4. Content Download Notifications
    5. How do I access password protected content?
  4. 4. MailOuts & Distribution 

    1. ISEBOX Mailout: Sending or Scheduling to Distribution Lists
    2. Adding a Distribution List
    3. Sending newsletters and other non-ISEBOX email campaigns
    4. Add a Recipient To A Distribution List
    5. Unsubscribe Users Manually
  5. 5. Measure It! Metrics, Reports and Data 

    1. Create a Distribution List from Content Downloads Report
  6. 6. Advanced ISEBOX 

    1. Whitelabel domain configuration and setup
    2. White Label Domains: What do they look like?
    3. Disable your Project Landing Page
    4. Closing Account & Downloading Assets
  7. 7. Media Center 

    1. Media Center Walk Through
    2. Media Center Welcome Text
    3. Media Center: Featuring Content
    4. Media Center: Widgets
    5. Content Center Browse Customization
  8. 8: ISEBOX Visitors 

    1. Playing audio in ISEBOX
    2. What is "Download All"?
    3. Log in / Verify via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
    4. Playing video offline
    5. Downloading video from ISEBOX
  9. All articles 

    1. Playing audio in ISEBOX
    2. ISEBOX Mailout: Sending or Scheduling to Distribution Lists
    3. Supported Web Browsers
    4. Project Setup Tutorial
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